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    Each document has fields for your information with helpful notes in brackets.

    No, in cases where there happens to be a legal consideration the options will be explained to you in the guidance notes of the document.

    You should not need to add any legal clauses, but in the event that there is something you would like to add, it would be advisable to have the finalised document checked by a lawyer as the parts added by you may change the context of other parts of the document.

    We offer an option with every document available in our library to have our team of legal experts review your document to ensure everything is in order.

    It may be to your disadvantage to omit parts of the document.  We try to provide concise documents as far as possible but in some cases lengthy paragraphs cannot be left out without reducing the legal effect.

    The basic English used in our documents are valid in court and ensures that all parties affected by the document understands what is written in it.  For more information on this read: The Case for Basic English.

    We have a search bar where you can type key words to locate documents that match your needs.  Alternatively you can type a question to our friendly company representative.  You are also welcome to browse our extensive document library.

    If you are uncertain about your choice feel free to ask a professional on our WhatsApp service.

    With every document there is a preview in the form of an image available to give you a good idea of how the document will look.

    Our documents are regularly updated and revised to adhere to the most recent legislation.

    We accept credit card payments as well as PayFast.

    Your financial information is encrypted in the same way major banks encrypt your information.

    Our documents are in .doc format [MS Word] for your editing convenience.

    You can go to My Dashboard and click on Downloaded Documents to access your documents at any time.

    Go to the page for Document Review and upload your details along with your completed document.  Your document will be escalated to our attorneys.



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