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How can I possibly DIY law?

DIY-law makes it possible to take legal matters into your own hands.  On DIY-law you will find a large virtual library of legal documents ready for you to fill out.  On DIY-law you have the option to download a blank legal template that you can use as many times as you like.  You are also able to submit your completed legal document for review by a legal professional to ensure that nothing you added to the document or removed from the document has any serious legal implications that may put you or your assets in legal jeopardy.

At DIY-law it is our mission to give you control back over your own affairs.  By using our services you can cut costs on legal matters and feel secure in the knowledge that your assets are protected by expert-level legal documents.

We strive to make law easy.  Gone is the time consuming consultations with attorneys to resolve simple matters and gone is the high English that makes legal documents too complicated for the everyday citizen to understand.  We help you do law yourself!

Browse Our Legal Documents Library
How does it work?
Get started with three easy steps


Download your legal template from our library of legal documents.  Follow the instructions and fill out the form.


If you paid for the option to have your edited document reviewed by a legal professional, please submit your document for review.


Sign and date your document according to instructions to make it legally binding.

Our documents are legally binding
As soon as you sign your document it becomes legally binding.

Every document in our library has been drafted by a team of legal professionals.  Our documents were all designed to meet the minimum legal requirements. We have an ever-expanding library of documents to suit your every need. We cover every area of the law from employment documents through rental agreements.  As soon as your documents are signed and dated, they are legally binding.  It is in your best interest purchase the option of having your document reviewed by one of our legal experts if you added or removed any clauses. A member of our team of experts can make sure that you didn’t jeopardize your case in any way before you sign.

The Benefits of Using Our Services
We are here to simplify your life by:

•Cutting up to 90% of the time it would take to manually draft legal documentation.
•Eliminating expensive retainer fees and hourly rates by a legal representative.
•Ensuring a high level of accuracy and eliminating the occurrence of embarrassing errors.
•Letting you enjoy easy access to high quality documents any hour of any day, anywhere.
•Helping you avoid the time consuming appointments with attorneys to get the legal documents drafted that you require.

You can also have your document reviewed by our team of professionals for a small extra cost.
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